The answer to this question is yes and then some… The number one complaint among home owner’s is that builders find many excuses not to honor warranty work. CreekStone Custom Homes has addressed items on homes far beyond the one year period with no out of pocket expense to our owners.

Client Testimonial

“My husband and I purchased our first new home from CreekStone Custom Homes and are thrilled with their superior customer service and construction. In today’s market, we’ve heard so many heart breaking stories of builders who disappear and who don’t follow through with their promises which made us very skeptical of purchasing a new home. Jerry Severa, Owner/Contractor, for CreekStone Custom Homes is truly the exception to the rule, he is the epitome of home builders! He is a true man of integrity who really cares about the Home Owner even after the initial purchase! I never had to make repeated calls begging him to follow up on any of our concerns even after our warranty expired! Instead, he resolved any question or issue immediately and kept us informed each step of the way. We have several friends who have experienced serious construction issues including lack of support from their builders and we are very thankful that CreekStone Custom Homes built our home! Simply, CreekStone Custom Homes really cares about the home owner and the quality of their construction! I never hesitate to refer them to a personal friend or acquaintance because I am confident they will be as thrilled, as we are with their exceptional service and construction.”
Brenda & Tod Baker, Arbor Green, Alpharetta, GA

This is why testimonials are so important. If your builder has been in the industry for several years and posted limited or no testimonials, then you need to ask the question, why?

CreekStone Custom Homes is an independent custom home builder providing the finest in new custom home construction and remodeling in the North Atlanta area including Alpharetta, Cumming, Canton, Milton, and Ball Ground, GA.